SEO - What is Search engine optimization - Learn SEO for beginners


SEO - What is Search engine optimization - Learn SEO for beginners

Question raised that actually What is SEO? SEO means Search Engine Optimization that basically means to optimize your content for different search engines now there are several ways of optimizating your content through SEO, main characteristics for more searches of your content includes ON PAGE SEO, OFF PAGE SEO, KEYBOARDS DENSITY, UNIQUE CONTENT. 
I will clarify these all characteristics one by one first we will have a look at ON PAGE SEO, that actually what is ON PAGE SEO?

What is ON PAGE SEO? It means optimization of content for search engines on page while the main goal should be to get quality and quantity of traffic on page through optimization that includes adding key titles that help one's post or blog to rank on google. As Keywords are the key for ranking websites finding low density and high value key titles helps in ranking website on Google because low competition key titles are easy to be ranked on Google due to their low density and high search volume that brings quality and quantity of traffic to website that automatically increases CPM & CPC rates for websites that increase revenue of website ad clicks that includes in advantage of ON PAGE SEO. External links in a post is also a friendly ON PAGE SEO technique that helps in in ranking one's website. By creating external link in a post like READ MORE so when user users click on read more it will redirect user to a external website In this way Organic searches on that website increase that is considered best traffic source for website because organic traffic are free of cost traffic without paid traffic or without any promotion. In blogging SEO techniques are used for ranking websites for more blog guidelines and tips and to learn how to earn through blogging click here

OFF PAGE SEO means off site SEO that means optimization of your content off page or in easy words creating external links for your post for increase in organic traffic the best technique for OFF PAGE SEO is by creating BACKLINKS. Now what is Backlink?

Backlinks are the external link of your website on high authority websites in order to increase website traffic user create a DoFollow or NoFollow backlinks on high authority websites now let me distinguish between b/w these backlinks

》DoFollow Backlinks

Dofollow backlinks redirects on a new landing page that landing page is your website post or home. It follows high authority page to user Website and redirects every user who click on that backlink to our website

》NoFollow Backlinks

Nofollow backlinks doesnot pass the authority due to the rel=Nofollow tag in HTML code so it will not redirect user on high authority websites to our websites and google crawlers will not give authority to follow that backlink


Keywords are the best and main SEO technique for optimization content for high authority search engines. Keywords are the most searched words or word that have most volume in globe are referred as keywords using low competition keywords have high probability for ranking websites in google because low competition keywords have less competition in globe and have more volume that increase traffic in website and will automatically increase CPM and CPC of a website so keywords and keytitles are the main key for a friendly SEO site 

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